jeu de piste lyon 6 anglais

Activity to foster bonding between parents and children or friends and to learn while having fun, real family teambuilding, this jeu de piste takes the whole family or a whole group of friends for a 2h walk in Lyon. At the mercy of unusual discoveries, the detectives will collect clues that will lead them to the key to the mystery at the beginning of the game.


1- Go to a well-known place in Lyon

2- Read the informations and the story which leads you on the piste

3- Take a pen and the booklet and the jeu de piste in family or between friends can start


√ 1 story  => to immerse yourself in the adventure

√ questions and enigmas => to learn and reflect while having fun

√ 1 walk => to discover hidden treasures in the city

We send the jeux de piste in follow-up letters.